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Mutoh Printer Spare Parts

Mutoh RJ-8000 small damper

Price:$2.12 - 3.03/pc


To be used with:Mutoh VJ-1204/VJ-1304/RJ-8000,Mutoh Rock Hopper I/II, Mutoh FalconII, Mutoh Falcon Plus





P.P material
More convenient installing
The quality is the same as the original ones
All Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh printer

the key features of our product


1) compatible for printers






2) Suitable for oil based Ink/Water ink ,It is made from P. P materials

3) .  The quality is the same as the original ones

4)High quality with a very competitive price

5) We also offter ink , CISS, refillable ink cartridges.


Control of the print head is at the heart of the total a printer, Mutoh RJ-8000 small damper like human hands, only to coordinate the operation of the print head, makes a good print results. This solution is used in the circuit work EPSON16 printer head is ideal for driving a print head prints without causing burning coil current type devices, Power required is large, must take power drive. We take the driving device Darlington tube. Secondly, the print head is precision components, which would be controlled quickly and accurately, but the motor is a sense of control and into the discharge process, How do discharge rapidly and the current volatility is not too large Mutoh RJ-8000 small damper? This requires careful design of the discharge circuit of small ideas. We take the program by Darlington with fast diode achieved. Again, since the port is used more, we took a bus way to achieve port expansion, implemented by 74LS373 specific circu Mutoh RJ-8000 small damper . Also, use a 555 timer to control the output 74LS373 to control the needle stitches, which can improve security and reduce the burden of software design.