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Mutoh Printer Spare Parts

Mutoh Encoder strip for RJ-8000/VJ-1604

Price:$16.56 - 22.69/pc


To be used with: Mutoh RJ-8000/8100/VJ-1604/VJ-1618/VJ-1204/VJ-1304/RJ-900C




Product Description

Mutoh 50" Steel Belt
To be used with: Mutoh RJ-8000, Mutoh RJ-8100.

Mutoh 64" Steel Belt
To be used with: Mutoh RJ-8000, Mutoh RJ-8100, Mutoh VJ-1604, Mutoh VJ- 604W, Mutoh VJ-1618.

Mutoh 87" Steel Belt
To be used with: Mutoh RJ-8000, RJ-8100.


Maintenance and troubleshooting process: First, disconnect the data cable plug re-inserted and snaps with Screws or fixed, boot print fault persists. Then replace another printer test interfaces Ruipian no problem. Next, set the printer's software program, select the correct symbol set, reinstall the font, the fault has not been ruled out. Finally, reinstall the driver, finally solved the fault. Examples of fourteen, Hewlett-Packard Mutoh Encoder strip for RJ-8000/VJ-1604 has a white paper Symptom: When the printer to print black images appear irregular white spots. . Analysis: The cause of this failure are: a photosensitive layer on the drum peeling, scratches, developing bias voltage is too high or toner containing impurities, the charging voltage is too high, the discharge ignition, breakdown or breakdown of light-sensitive semi-drums. Maintenance and troubleshooting process: After the above-mentioned reasons for the gradual examination, found the photosensitive layer peeling off, causing Failure. After the replacement of the drum test machine, troubleshooting.