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Mutoh Printer Spare Parts

Cleaning Swabs for Roland Mimaki Mutoh Epson Canon HP XAAR printers

Price:$13.45 - 16.81/parcel


To be used with: All Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh printers,Utilized for head cleaning,Eco ink is to be cleaned with exclusive cleaning liquid.Dye ink is to be cleaned with water.

Package: 100/Parcel



Cleaning Swabs for Roland Mimaki Mutoh Epson Canon HP XAAR printers Maintenance and troubleshooting course of action: Initial, a reasonable set of printing paper margins, are not troubleshooting. Print configuration checking computer software is also not unusual. In the examination paper, they identified hard to separate the paper, remove the paper, put the paper inside the paper back and forth before a U-bend and turn, so that the paper apart, troubleshooting. Examples XXIV Hewlett-Packard HP 5000 laser printer features a vertical white bars Symptom: There are vertical white bars on the print. Evaluation: The cause of this failure will be the following: the decrease the charge voltage of the energy supply voltage is uneven, uneven distribution of toner cartridge and toner separation claw deformation, the drum can trigger severe scratches transfer,Cleaning Swabs for Roland Mimaki Mutoh Epson Canon HP XAAR printers printing toner there is dirt around the charging wire causing the corresponding part with the drum can not be charged, wire transfer partial dirty. Upkeep and troubleshooting process: Very first, the normal energy supply voltage is detected, then remove the toner cartridge and gently shake to make the toner distribution, printing remains. Then verify the drum and also the charging wire, wire transfer, found dirty wire transfer, the transfer voltage is significantly reduced. The transfer charger wire along with the surrounding area clean clean after commissioning, troubleshooting.