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Mutoh Printer Spare Parts

All-Glass Syringe

Price: $3.44 - 4.71/pc


To be used with:All Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh printers




Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:     paking by bags or boxes
Delivery Detail:     3-5 working days after payment

All-glass syringe
1.suit for All solvent printer
2.Send by DHL/Fedex Express
3.All in stock


Symptom: HP 6L laser printer is powered on to get a while after the operation panel ERROR (error), Data (data) and Ready (Ready) 3 indicator light, the printer does not have any reaction. Analysis: HP 6L boot operation panel ERROR (error), Data (information) and Ready (Ready) 3 indicator light indicates that the printer hardware error ie: printer fuser assembly heater malfunction or laser elements faulty. Just after 3 indicator light may be on the printer handle panel, click the panel button, if you press the button Information (information) lamp, and after that release the brighter All-Glass Syringe actually the fault of the fixing heater assembly:. Upkeep and troubleshooting course of action: First, remove the top rated cover on the printer; unplug the ideal side on the printer frame fixing heater plug, measure the resistance having a multimeter on the plug, the end of your measured resistance worth of 120 Euro, no challenge; then take away the printer's major cover, and then open the cover laser assembly, the central axis of rotation of the hand laser scanning mirror (be cautious not to touch the mirror), and really feel there is a clear feeling of jam, or perhaps a description in the scanning motor control as well as the drive circuit failure, troubleshooting printer driver board replacement having a new scan motor.